Hydro-Kinetic Tertiary

Revolutionary in design, unparalleled in performance

A revolutionary wastewater treatment system that employs innovative Hydro-Kinetic® filtration technology to produce the cleanest, most consistent effluent quality available.

Pretreatment Chamber
Anaerobic bacteria and gravity precondition the wastewater here to protect the integrity of downstream treatment processes.

Anoxic Chamber
Pretreatment Chamber effluent is mixed with nitrified liquid recirculated from the clarifier in measured doses, via a mixing bar in this chamber. Under carefully controlled conditions, bacteria remove nitrogen by consuming nitrate-bound oxygen during their respiratory process.

Aeration Chamber
Here, safe, living aerobic bacteria convert the wastewater into stable substances. Flow equalization maximizes this biological oxidation and assures proper retention and treatment.

Model A100/A150 Air Pump
Our exclusive Model A100/A150 air pump is a precision engineered electro-mechanical device that has been specifically designed for use in the system. It can be installed below grade or remotely located up to 75 feet from the system.

Clarification Chamber
Flow equalization enhances the settling of biologically active substances inside the Clarification Chamber. Pretreated, aerated wastewater has now been converted to clarified liquids for discharge from this chamber.

Model SD102/SD103 Recirculation Pump
This highly efficient recirculation pump is installed at the bottom of the Clarification Chamber and is used to transfer nitrified liquid back to the Anoxic Chamber for denitrification.

Flow Equalization Device
Controls flow through the treatment process and regulates the velocity of treated effluent that can leave the system, enhancing the efficiency of the attached growth filtration media in the Hydro-Kinetic system.

Hydro-Kinetic® FEU Filter
Flow equalized liquid from the clarifier enters the Hydro-Kinetic filter where it flows downward and is evenly distributed beneath our exclusive Hydro-Kinetic filtration media. The liquid then travels through the proprietary attached growth filtration media where the final treatment takes place.

Precast Concrete Tank
Every tank is constructed of high quality, non-corrosive materials under rigid quality control standards. The
tank is reinforced precast concrete manufactured locally by your licensed Norweco distributor.

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