Biological and ecological treatment system

The Enviro-Septic® System is easy to install, does not require a stone layer, does not require a mantle, does not require hydro if gravity flow is achieved, no moving parts, no media to replace, and now is priced similar to that of a conventional, pipe and stone system.

The system requires system sand which is readily available at most sand and gravel suppliers across Ontario. In some case System Sand is priced below filter sand or septic sand.

The Advanced Enviro-Septic® pipes is a patented product comprised of four components

  • A cylindrical pipe made of high density polyethylene. The walls of the pipe are corrugated to increase the surface area for heat transfer. They are also perforated in order to let the effluent flow out. Each corrugation has a unique notched design which encourages the flow of air around the pipe. The flow of air is necessary for the proliferation of the bacteria that is responsible for the treatment of the wastewater.
  • The Bio-Accelerator™ allows for a fast ramp-up time.
  • A randomly oriented fiber mesh covers the pipe, facilitates the supply of oxygen and acts as a support structure for the biomass.
  • A non-woven geotextile membrane is sewn around the pipe to prevent sand from entering the pipe.


For more information, see the brochure here


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